Tc & Cs

  1. The SACSC Retail Design & Development Awards are open to developers and architects (all categories), and interior designers (Category D).
  2. The online entry form, along with the inserted photographs and supporting documents, must be completed by Wed, 29 May 2024 at 12h00. Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  3. Submission of high-resolution images and videos can be uploaded with your entry.
  4. All centres completed and fully operational between November 2022 - March 2024 are eligible for entry.
  5. All centres must be located within South Africa, except for Category D, where either the developer or architect must be South African.
  6. All entries must be in English. All references to costs must be in South African Rands, and exclude VAT.
  7. Entries may be cancelled until 12h00 on Wed, 29 May 2024. Cancellations will not be allowed after this date.
  8. The RDDA judging panel will make all eligibility rulings and reserve the right to reclassify, re-categorise or disqualify entries. All decisions are final.
  9. Financial information is requested as part of the online entry information, under the “development cost”, “fit out cost” and “rent and tenant controls” sections. This information is an important part of the overall evaluation of the centre’s success. We regard this information as strictly confidential and undertake not to publish, display or reproduce any of this information without express permission of the entrant.
  10. Unless specifically requested otherwise by the tenant, SACSC is permitted to reproduce, copy, publish and display all entry information (other than financial - see 9 above) as needed. Please evaluate your entry for publication appropriateness with regards to confidential and proprietary information prior to submission. The SACSC accepts no responsibility in this regard.